Friday, November 11, 2016


Copyright 2016 by Lori-Ann Willey

Paul Willey receiving an Army Achievement Medal.
Short and sweet is this blog entry, but the entries below were written over the past few years after some personal, very moving conversations and observations I've had with /of Veterans while at the Togus VA Hospital.  I hope you read each story, and then, feel free to share.  I hope they touch your heart as these experiences touched mine.  Our Veterans deserve your attention today and every day.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

ELECTION OUTCOME - How I See Things (My Opinion)

(My Opinion)

Copyright 2016 by Lori-Ann Willey

OY!  I honestly don’t know where to start.  If I hadn’t been so busy yesterday while my thoughts were crisp and focused, I could have written a book about the election.  But, that was yesterday and today is today. Today, my thoughts are jumbled and two more friends “disowned” me for voting Trump.

There is no denying this past Presidential Race was one of, or the worst in American history.  For that, I think most Americans became frustrated with both candidates, and rightfully so. Trust me, I was one.  The entire campaign was a disgrace.  Where were the topics of importance? There was not one candidate (Trump vs Hillary) that put forth enough information for us to formulate our own opinions about the important topics.  I could barely keep up with the “soap opera”. The media didn’t help!

One day early in the primaries, I stated that I was a Trump supporter right off the bat.  Paul (my husband), on the other hand, was a Rubio supporter.  I just didn’t “see it” happening.  This country is in a world of hurt on all levels and that includes attitude.  I consider myself an upbeat and fair person, but I’ve been told that I’m delusional if I actually believed that.   Those people had opposing political views and obviously didn’t know me personally, but instead judged me on my political stance instead.  That told me really quick what I was up against.

Paul says, “I would have voted for Hillary the first time around”, but she never made it to the election phase”, and then continued to say, “I would have voted for her this time if it weren’t for the email thing”.  I personally would not have voted for her for several reasons that would be too futile to get into and I do not have enough time on my hands to discuss all topics either.   We are not “staunch” voters, but I do know that many are. Taking each candidate into careful consideration is the only responsible thing to do.

I will forever blame a lot of the media for their role in dividing this country.  For the most part, their “news” was not factual, but largely opinion-based and biased. I lost a LOT of respect for CNN, especially.  They should do some MAJOR sole and soul searching, for their ethics are a down right disgrace. Yet, there are people who faithfully listen to them and believe their twists and churns. Thus, a lot of American’s are “scared” to have Trump as President.  Again, I blame the media!

The media is to blame for much of this election mess. If they gave actual quotes in their entirety and not cut them short / omit some wording, OR skew catering to their personal opinions, I may have a little more respect for them than I do.   THEY are the cause for this “fear” and “I’m scared” feeling in this country because THEY put this fear into the citizens like never before. I’m so disgusted with them and their unethical ways.

One of the most widely misconstrued is this quote by Trump –

“When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best,” he said during the announcement. “They're not sending you, they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they're telling us what we're getting."

And this is how the media paraphrased him many times since that day-  Read bold words only.

“When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending the best,” he said during the announcement. “They're not sending you, they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems. They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. They're rapists and some, I assume, are good people, but I speak to border guards and they're telling us what we're getting."

Of course, Clinton and some of her supporters took full advantage of those false statements and they THEMSELVES took it as fact and seized the opportunity to spew hatred. They saw it as a chance to “claim” Mexican and Latino voters and boy did that work out well for her.  Mr. Trump is NOT a racist, but thanks to the media, in the eyes of all those who refuse to listen to Trump’s actual statement, he became a hated man overnight and thus all his supporters were and still are accused of being racists, too.  The hate movement began.  Thank you, Media.  I blame YOU, because up until that moment, I had never been accused of being a racist in my life!

Trump did not say that all those who come across the border are those things. Not at all.   I personally know a story of a woman who came to the USA illegally and to hear her story literally set me to tears. She’s been in the USA for about 20 years and has struggled the entire time while raising three children. Her story is so amazing. Her story IS why America is such a great country.  She is a very hard worker. She goes without so her kids can eat.  She is a true asset to this country.  SHE IS NOT WHOM Trump was referencing.  She is far, far from it.

This country has a HUGE drug problem. The majority of those drugs are coming through tunnels at the border.  It happens to be most problematic at the Mexican border, that’s all.  Drugs come through Canada and Florida, etc., too.  Drugs are harvested and created in labs throughout the country.  Our DEA is maxed and the drug problem persists and persists on a very, very large scale.  Drugs are ruining our youth, people of all ages, ruins lives, and families, too.  THAT is reason enough to tighten our borders and not just the Mexican border, but ALL borders.

I KNOW there is a GREAT fear that Trump will kick all illegals out of the USA, but that WILL NOT HAPPEN!  He wants those illegals who commit crimes, especially felons, to be removed, YES and so do most of the American people.  Why do I think how I do?  Let me briefly tell you my thoughts.  Let’s take the few families I know personally.  They have children who are legal USA citizens. Trump is NOT Hitler-like. Comments of the such frustrate me. That is such an insult to anyone.  I honestly believe that he will NOT take all illegals, herd them like cattle, and then, force them out of the country like animals.  That is especially so if there are children involved.  Trump is not for separating the family unit. He will not send the parents back across the border and leave children homeless and will not displace them. Not only due to humanity reasons, but for economic reasons, too. He knows that a clear majority of American’s would revolt against such a movement. I’d be in the forefront of such an act!  He wants to UNIFY, not DIVIDE.  Now, I do expect him to give a reasonable time limit for them to become a citizen, and if here over 5 years, then hopefully, they are granted immunity.  If, within that time, they chose not to become a citizen, that is their choice, but at least they were given that choice. That is how I see all that being played out. Given all that said, I DOOOOO understand their fear. But, it is not so different than the fear they have every day because they are undocumented. 

LGBT, etc.
Now, I have family members and friends who are gay / bi / lesbian.  I also have at least one friend that is transgender.  I’ve heard their stories and they know that I’m AOK with whatever makes them happy, for they deserve happiness, too.  One man, and I won’t name names due to respect and love for him, but one man (I’d guess in his middle to upper 60’s) in particular stopped into our house one day a couple years ago and openly told me that he better identifies as a woman. He always has.  When he is home alone, he dresses in a skirt, etc. and it makes him feel whole, happy inside and out.  He spoke about how so few people know this about him and some in his own family have scorned and separated themselves from him because of it. He is a GOOD man and holds a government paying job, even.  He is kind and gentle, so full of laughter and love, yet he struggles deeply within.  As he sat there, he cried openly in front of me, and inside, I cried with him. This man opened up to me because he knew he could …that he would not be scorned, but accepted and loved unconditionally.  I still hear his words of appreciation and thanks. I still see his tears and hear his broken and weakened voice.

I know there are a lot of people who have worked so hard to get recognized and approved to marry, get insurance, etc. for their significant other as a same sex partner.   I was one that helped vote in Same Sex Marriage.  People (ALL) deserve to be happy. There is not one person that should have say over someone’s happiness, ever.   With all that said, I do not think that Trump will force same sex marriages to be null and void.  What good would that do?  How are “they” hurting anyone?  Peace and love is what I want for all.  Everyone deserves a chance to be happy.  Who am I, the populous, or the President to say otherwise?   Those of the LGBT (and I don’t like to give labels) community that know me know I have their back and support them.

The racial divide in this country quickly heated up after Obama became President.  I understand that all “races” want to be treated fairly and be recognized and I applaud that 100%. To me, there is no color. I’m always “preaching”, “Education is key”.  To me, there is cultural differences, yes, and if one does not take the time to learn about those cultures, then there is automatic separation in understanding. It does not have to be between skin color or ethnic groups, each part of the country has their own culture and history.  One is wrong or better than the other?  No. I love learning about it all, but so few people take the time or have the same enthusiasm to learn as I do.  I will sit and listen to anyone’s story and appreciate it from where it comes and just as much as from whom it comes. We all have a story …”his-story”.  Each of our experiences are different.

A woman recently told me that when Obama became President, that people took to the streets in her area of CA and started looting as they saw fit.  Their excuse was that they could get away with such things now that Obama was in office.  Apparently, their looting was short-lived and those few did not represent most people, but it only takes a few to turn things “foul”.

The “black” (again, I cringe, as I do not like labeling) people had a very unfair start in this country.  How they were treated was very, very unfair.  I learn and watch all I can about early American history with special interest from the first settlers through the Civil War.  To think that slaves once set free, still were not treated humanely, but many of them were. I believe the word “Aunty” comes from slavery days when the woman slave took care of the children as a second mom, a nanny, if you will …they were fondly called, “Aunty”. In my family, I am called “Aunty” by my nieces and nephews and just hearing that title warms my heart.  I love the history behind the title, too.

There are so many people who do not see color in another person, but unfortunately, there are a people who do, and they are the ones that should be scorned, not those who look like them. There are people who still feel oppressed. I find that sad.  Some use slave days as an excuse to “get even” today.  They seem to forget that we had a civil war over slavery and it was because of the North, slavery was abolished. One of my all-time favorite books is, “Up from Slavery” by Booker T. Washington. If you have not read it, I suggest you do. It is a good read, easy read, and very educational from the angle of a slave. Impressive book. It is one of those books that will always be a part of my bookshelf.  Some of us have empathy. But, because we have empathy, does not give anyone a free pass in life. We all (of all ethnic groups, to include “whites”), should work for what we want, what we get.  I would hope that we all want fairness and equality. We’ve come a long way, but it is obvious that we have a way to go still.  All of us do.

I get frustrated with people and their mentality levels or their refusal to understand or take on another person’s viewpoint. Then, when I think there is no hope, I experience this… A month ago, I was at Walmart in Brewer while Paul was having his lengthy IVIG treatment.  I had on a camo shirt, and in the front “purse section” of my cart were eight camo drinking cups when a man approached. He glanced down and smirked in an appreciative way.  I stood beside a camo fold out table wondering if was sturdy enough to use in the ice shack, when the man (black) came up to me and started talking.  I bet we talked for at least a half hour just shooting the “shit” together. His name is Reginald, and what a nice man.  We didn’t get into politics, but we did discuss morals, what is important in life, the world today, and how we both wished for goodness and good decisions by all. I could have talked to him for hours and I think the feeling was mutual.  We appreciated each other and that is how it should be with all that we meet, strangers or not.  The man is from CA.  I did not ask what brought him to Maine, but he seemed to enjoy it here and its people.  We shook hands, I think three times as we stood there, and bid each other a good day, but then would start talking again.  It was wonderful.  I wondered why there is such a divide in people.  Why, why, why, why?  I don’t get it.

Plain and simple, the police killings must STOP!  The hatred for the police is a “movement” that is unjust.  Yes, there are a few bad police, just like there are a few bad apples in any bin, but to target and kill any police officer or law enforcement of any level is nothing short of shameful and a total disgrace.

Paul and I ran into the “good ole boy system” even here in the woods.  We were targeted by a few others who enjoy spending their days drinking, and then, see who can top the other in harassment.  We became targets.  We are quiet people. We stay to ourselves.  We spend our money wisely, and we’ve had successes in life. Paul is disabled and I am a woman.  To some, all that meant lots of false rumors and thus, easy targets.  When complaining to the police, a woman officer told us, ‘I’ve heard about your situation (officer name omitted) said that he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.  On the one hand, (officer name omitted) grew up with these guys, and then there are you two.’ I was so dumbfounded by her statement that I was left speechless.  We are “outsiders” because we are not from the area.  Therefore, we became targets, or as a top Game Warden said, “the bullseye”.  There is no racial divide and we were still targeted.  We were still largely ignored by law enforcement, too.  Plain and simple, we were wronged greatly by the local police.  We ended up going to court, filed, and won a boat harassment charge at least.  If it weren’t for the state police officer that came and spent a couple hours or more with us one day, we’d still be in a bind here. He wanted to see all our evidence and as we showed him, his jaw dropped that we were not helped in here.  As a result, he helped stop the crap and I will always be forever grateful to him for standing up for us as victims when the local law enforcement decided to choose their classmates over the law.  FINALLY, we live in peace once again, but I tell you, it was a wicked battle that should never began. Thus, I do understand the dislike for the law enforcers in some cases, and quite honestly, it wasn’t until we befriended a different state trooper that we regained faith in the law once again.  So, yes, I DO understand corruption, but to shoot and kill other law officers because you had a run in with one does not make any of it right …or just!  There is NO excuse!

Thankfully, terroristic activities have slowed down in this country, but I do agree with extreme vetting!  To say all Muslims are terrorists is wrong, but that is a real fear that many have because of a real fear of terrorists.  It just happens to be that the terrorists are an extreme offshoot of the Muslim religion, but that does not mean that all Muslims are terrorists!  Trump does not think all Muslims are terrorists either!  Nor is Trump anti-Muslim!

However, if we simply asked all Muslims if they were terrorists, do you think those who are would admit to it?  No, so what are we left to do except to do extreme vetting?  It is not the fault of America, nor is it the fault of good, honest, faithful Muslims, but how do we tell who is who?  We need extreme vetting of all who claim to be Muslim just to be safer.  It is NOT an anti-Muslim issue; it is a terrorist issue.  Anyone who does not believe in extreme vetting at this point, lives in a fantasy world.  Trust me, I like the sound of a utopian world, too, but realistically, it can’t happen so we must be realists.

The terrorists are sneaky. If there is an avenue, they will exploit it because they HATE America, its values, and all that we stand for. They also kill gays and lesbians, and have a very low opinion of women, too.   We need to protect AMERICA and our values …our people, our way of life, too.  Trump is NOT against Muslims and I wished some of you people would wake up and see that one person killed is tooooo many!  Did we already forget 9-1-1?

Ah! I NEED to give a plug to our military, because, this is an area where I really get sappy.  I have such admiration and respect for our military men and women that I’d be willing to bet none can surpass.  Many Americans are “scared” about our world stance now that Trump has become President.  Something Paul reminded me of this morning was that Bernie and Trump have pretty much the same views when it comes to this topic.  So, why are so many Bernie supporters now so ‘scared’ of Trump? He’s not like a cartoon monkey sitting in a spinning chair all goofy-like asking, “What does this button do” as he presses the nuclear war button!  It doesn’t work like that!   I agree with all when I say, I worry about our military overseas in such war zones.  I appreciate them every day for their efforts.  They are fighting a war THERE so it is not brought HERE on American soil.  That, too, is why extreme vetting is needed.  We must do our share on our own soil, too!

I implore you all to watch the series called, “Taking Fire”.  I watched the “in-person” documentary by a few Kentucky soldiers while overseas in a battle zone and it is gut-wrenching!  It is REAL and not embellished.  I kept telling Paul, “So many of our American People do not know what we’re up against.  If they did, they’d better understand why we need a STRONG AMERICA and a STRONG STANCE in the world. “Taking Fire” should be aired on all television networks for a better understanding …but again, so many would be so traumatized they’d turn around and sue the television station!  UGH! That is the country we’ve become!  It is scary. Watch the documentary and see for yourself what our Military endure 24 hours a day, and then, consider sending care packages, because they sure could use that little bit of support from home. 

After this election, so many people want to change the voting process so the candidate that receives the popular vote wins the presidency.   Many do not understand the process and I can’t explain it any better than this link does.  Thank you Pepper C. for the link.

Now, in conclusion, I’m tired of all the bickering. Trump is NOT Satan. He is NOT Hitler-like either.   I get so tired of the hate spewing.  Comedic is one thing, but the downright hatred is another.  Calling someone a rapist with unfounded evidence is wrong. Yet, some think it  funny to say Trump was due in court the day after Halloween to answer to rape charges of a 13-year-old is just sick in the mind and very disturbing. How sad is that the people want to believe such things?  Even more so, if you say such things to get a “popular vote” amongst your friends, or say things like, ‘You Righties are gullible.  I love getting under your skin’.  Really?  You may be a woman, but YOU DO NOT REPRESENT THIS WOMAN, because in NO instance is rape funny.  What an insult to those who have been raped!

I voted for Trump because, although he is very rough around the edges and “unrefined” in his choice of words, he has come a LONG way in his communication.  He is learning!  He’s a smart man, and it did take him a bit longer than I hoped before he spoke more wisely, but he’s getting there, and I am very thankful of that. Trust me, he frustrated me along the way, too, but he DOES have America’s best interest at heart.  He may not be coddling or suave in his words or tone, but his heart IS there.  Despite unwarranted popular belief, I firmly believe he has America’s back. ALL of AMERICA.

Though I admit that Trump frustrated me a few times during his campaign, I could not get past Hillary and her proven corruption.  I just couldn’t overlook that proof, intent and carelessness.  Before you conclude that Trump is a woman hater/abuser, a racist, a LGBT and non-American hater, please do some research.  Anyone can spread lies, but each of us have the resources to confirm or deny its authenticity.  The question is, do you chose to be responsible or irresponsible?

Just because Trump wasn’t raised in politics, not his first career choice, or that he did not become a lawyer along the way that taught suave and etiquette speaking, does not mean he is not capable of running this country.  Yes, he has a lot to learn and yes, he must depend the experts in the fields “under” him, but don’t all Presidents? Isn’t that what the experts are there for in the first place?  To see the government as it is and then see where it can better itself, clean itself up, and better represent the people and its finances? I would think that is a GREAT thing. After all, he is a brilliant businessman, and I think we need his angle of thought for the next four years. I do think, that if given the chance, you will think so, too.  Maybe not today or next month, but I do believe you’ll see a change that you like somewhere. That is, if you allow yourself to think outside your personal box.

I have not covered all topics …there is NO WAY I could without writing a book. So, any topic I did leave out please keep to yourself.  I don’t want to hear “yeah, but” anything. These are my views on a FEW chosen topics.  I just hope, in some way, people think before they act on rumor, assumption, and untruths. That instead, you research the validity of EVERYTHING and make sure your source is credible, for there are so many out there that aren’t, and instead, they spew intentional turmoil to lure in the uneducated, the suckers, and the haters.  Let those topics be THEIR problem, not yours.  Don’t get caught up in the crap of haters, because, like a smile, hate is “catching”, too.

We are individuals, but together, I hope we can find peace and harmony filled with “grace and charm (Daniel S.)”.

Let us somehow find the peace we all want …we all deserve. Be fair and honest with yourself, research for truth, then decide.