Monday, November 30, 2015

To Help Solve Some Confusion

To Help Solve Some Confusion
Copyright 2015 by Lori-Ann Willey
Recently, someone asked, “Just how many businesses do you have anyways?”  Honestly, I had to stop and think, but they were right, we are pretty active online, more specifically, on Facebook.  However, not too long ago, someone said they Googled our names and was very surprised to see us so active in the search engines.  Some of that is because of Paul’s golfing fame.  Some of those were from when I worked in the education system and contributed to a Teacher Tools, and other teaching websites.  And, some of those are because of our son did the acting and modeling thing in Hollywood for a while.  Also, there have been newspaper articles written about Paul and I, so those pop up, as well as write ups about us via other writers throughout the country.  So, yes, we are “all over the place”.  All that despite living in seclusion.  The Internet is a wonderful tool!
First, we no longer own any businesses, so that frees up much of our time to do more of what we feel like doing.  Despite Paul’s disabilities that greatly limit what we do and where we go, our brains enjoy being active.  We are thinkers.  Well, Paul is a thinker.  I am more of a do-er and ponderer.
Because we are active on Facebook, people often do not readily know just where to find us, so they look up our name and request friendship.  Honestly, though we really do enjoy people, I personally would rather get to know a stranger via one of our pages instead of adding a stranger as a personal friend.  I hope that those who read this do not think that rude of me.  I can’t speak for Paul, but please, if you wish to suggest friendship, I would rather you seek out via our pages below instead.  Then, after a while, we will go from there.  However, private messaging is always acceptable, and we try to reply in a timely manner.
I’ll take one page at a time and explain where to find us publically, versus personally.  Maybe the following links and their descriptions will end some of the confusion felt by many.
Willey’s Dam Camp on Facebook -  This page is about our lifestyle living off the grid in the northern Maine wilderness.   It has several updates a day, to include photographs that help support and understand our lifestyle.   Some of the long time followers also remember our trademark fun impromptu video clips named “Hon-Ney”.  That suggest came from one of our followers. Her name is Karen M. 
Maine Weather / Road Condition Reports -   This is a Closed group for Mainers or people who travel the Maine roads.  It is a Closed group simply to prevent spammers from posting their junk / filth. A few winters ago, I noticed a few of my friends and loved ones asking about the road conditions in different parts of Maine.  Wanting to help, but didn’t know those conditions, it spawned an idea to create this group to help Mainer’s travel safer throughout the State.   Those who wish to join simply request membership, and either I, or one of the eight volunteer administrators will check to make sure you are legit. And if so, that person(s) is added.  If you are not obvious, an administrator will contact you.  The page is very strict, and it is treated as an emergency channel of information.  Information is posted by others within the group.  They relay road conditions, power outages, closed roads, etc. in their area.  This group is approaching the 4,000-member mark.  Though it is a challenge for me and the admins alike during stormy weather, esp., we are all very dedicated and keep the page as professional as we can.  We do not put up with chit-chat or anyone unwilling to follow the guidelines.  So, if you request, make SURE you read and follow the posting guidelines.  Businesses, Police, Emergency vehicles (to include fire stations, EMS, Maine DOT, etc.), school systems, weather offices, the news, etc. all use our page to help others.  Family members ask for guidance to help get themselves and their loved ones home safely.  The group benefits a lot of people.  The admins and I tolerate nothing outside of the guidelines.  The admins are the only reason this group continues, for I could not keep up without them.  They do a GREAT job!
Willey’s Dam Weather – This is a page that was created by Paul.  He has always been a weather guru.  He updates it when he feels it is necessary, so typically he monitors the weather patterns and as storms approach will give his analysis of the weather for the state.  He is not a meteorologist, but often times he is much more accurate!  If applicable, he also shares his charts, maps, etc. on the Maine weather / Road Condition Reports page (above).
AhChoo: A Maine Coon Cat –   Due to the popularity of our Maine Coon Cat named, AhChoo, instead of people flocking to our pages to see his photos or inquire about him after his surgeries, it was suggested that we create a page of his own.  The thought of this was rather silly, however, Paul and I were getting friends requests simply so strangers could see pictures of our cat that they heard so much about by their friends …our friends and family.  We decided it was time to start up his own page.  It is not updated often, but there are lots of pictures of him over the past few years.  He has a following of his own. 
Lori-Ann Willey (Author) –  I do write and have put out several books.  Some of which are photo books, yet others are children books, and books of our lifestyle off the grid.  You can find my books at the following link.  If you decide to follow the page, I post most of my writing updates there, along with specials, coupon codes, etc.  
Paintings by Lori-Ann Willey -  I have painted for years, and quite honestly, if I didn’t gift paintings away, I stacked the into piles.  Once in a while, I’ll spend some time at our house in Palmyra, and line the walls with paintings.  However, my painting room at that house is full, as are my walls at camp.  I am to the point of just having too many that I need to start getting rid of them.  Not wanting to be in any sort of business again, I want nothing to do with the transaction of monies.  However, I asked our daughter, Alanda if she was interested in selling them for me.  She agreed.  I am simply the artist.  Alanda is the seller.  I put it all in her hands. All I want to do is paint …and not see my stacks of paintings whenever we are at our house.   All inquiries go through her, and not through me.
The Inept Blog -  This is a blogger website where I post the blog entries that I wish to keep public. I removed dozens upon dozens of postings about a year ago because I put them into hardcopy book format that is purchasable at my author page.  However, some entries are still available for reading for now.
Lori-Ann Willey YouTube Channel -  This is where you will find over 500 video clips to include the “Hon-Ney” clips, a few rants, a few personal life clips, too. However, mostly it contains video clips of our lives off the grid as read about in my books, in my Inept Blog entries, or at Willey’s Dam Camp Facebook pages.
I hope this helps!
Pages No Longer Available (I may miss a few)

Willey’s Dam Camp (Web page) – No Longer Updated
Photastic Maine Photos – No Longer in Business
Willey’s Dam Coffee – No Longer in Business
Willey’s Dam Productions -  No Longer in Business (belonged to our son)
Millennium Sports Pub – New Owner
Millennium Weddings & Convention Center – New Owner
Salon Red – No Longer in Business
Mangia Mangia Italian Steak House -  No Longer in Business
Keep Maine Clean – For Fun
Acro-Phobia – For Fun